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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rock Sugar: The Best Mashup Band Ever or...


Mar 18 2010

Recently I came across Rock Sugar, a ridiculously talented and overall bloody amazing heavy metal mashup band.  As much as I wasn’t exactly a fan of hair metal back in the 80s, it’s grown on me… I don’t mind the cheese rock so much anymore.  And these guys take some of the Greatest Hits of Hair Metal and weave them together into some slick sounds.

Rock Sugar, rocking in a sugary sweet way

Led by frontman Jess Harnell, an amazingly accomplished voice actor in his own right, Rock Sugar does incredible things with some of the greatest rock anthems of the 80s.  The best example is probably "Don't Stop The Sandman", which flawlessly combines Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ with Metallica’s Enter Sandman, while still remaining true to both songs.  Other craziness includes Dreamin of a Whole Lotta Breakfast (Aerosmith / Zeppelin),  Shook Me Like A Prayer (Madonna / ACDC), and my personal favorite, Round and Separated (Ratt / Journey) — yeah I have a weakness for Ratt’s Round and Round, always have.  Best part — Shook Me Like A Prayer is the best Madonna song ever made!

So go listen.  You won’t regret it, unless there is no shred of rocktastic soul within your body!

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