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Chuck Duran – Guitars and Vocals

Chuck was born in Cuba and came out of the womb singing Ricky Ricardo’s “Ba Ba Lu” but the doctor slapped him so hard that he's now terrified of anything that sounds remotely like Afro-Cuban music. Chuckie began playing the guitar at the age of 13 after he fell in love with Peter Frampton though the two of them never actually dated and Chuckie never returned Frampton’s incessant phone calls.

Moving to Los Angeles, Chuckie quickly became best friends with Jesse, which was his first mistake. He tried desperately to correct this by getting married, buying a suit and a station wagon, cutting off all his hair and becoming an Amway distributor but it didn’t stick. The suit fell apart, his hair grew back and the station wagon was stolen with his wife in it. He hasn’t seen the suit, the car or his wife since and thus Rock Sugar officially began.

Chuck simultaneously started the wildly successful World Digital Studios in Los Angeles, specializing in hundreds of commercials and becoming the number one producer of voiceover demos for people with speech impediments. Things really took off when he also started producing trailers for horror movies, but things got crazy when the cops kept showing up inquiring about all the screaming and sounds of people being tortured, mutilated and blown-up. Chuckie also honed his outstanding songwriting skills and was thrilled to have written the smash #1 hit “Hey Jude” until he found out that The Beatles had already written it. 

While stranded on the island, Chuckie became the go to band psychiatrist, problem solver and handyman, creating many indispensable devices to make living on schnapps and Paula Abdul records more palatable. His greatest idea may have been constructing stick people with coconut heads for Rock Sugar to perform to, one every day, until by the time they were rescued, the band was headlining nightly to a rockin' audience of seven thousand three hundred and ninety two coconut people. However, none of this has helped him learn to competently use today’s modern technologies such as the Internet, a microwave or the amazing Chop-O-Matic.

Since being rescued and returned to the real world, Chuckie is back at work in the studio writing more great songs like “Hey Jude”, recording stutterers and convincing the police that the screams aren't real. The only real screams coming out of Chuckie's studio is him singing his head off on the new Disney show "I'm In The Band".  Now obsessed with the Internet, he is buying every guitar he can find thanks to "eBay For Dummies". However, he always wishes to remain humble and a man of the people, and so, wanting to keep up with his Spanish speaking skills, Chuckie frequently visits Benihana, Panda Express and just about every other restaurant in North Hollywood.
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